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Default Re:Separation proposal

Thanks for the support Hubby, it feels good to be back in .ca although the price of gas is enough to force any sane person to consider bank robbing as a new career. We have a tentative move home date as the second weekend of May. It is nice to be back in my home as unfinished as it is but I have plans to decorate even though I was constantly told I have no taste. Venician plaster for the bedroom walls its going to be ! I plan on going out to socialize once I get settled, who knows what could happen. I feel like I am healing a bit. But, its strange, when I finally could pick a date to move the family (wife included) home I felt a little apprehensvive. Maybe it was the feeling that that would be the beginning of the end, not sure.
I still feel helpless at times but I guess everyone going through this hell feels this way. I guess the hardest part for me is coming home to an empty and quiet house. No smiling children, etc etc but that will come back in time , I hope. Well I better run, I have been down in the big smoke for a week and returned home to af rozen water line.
Ah Canada, take care and keep in touch !