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Default Separation plan cont.

I am extremely upset with her but I am trying to remain as civil as I possibly can. I know she is a good mother and person and I would never keep the kids from her if she was to remain in Canada near me but I must draw the line when it comes to moving them down here just because she can't keep her hormones in check. She likes to sing country music songs and lately she has been singing songs that pertain to divorce, separation, etc etc. Also what used to be "our bed" "our camera" is now my bed, my camera etc. I am very worried about what is going to go on while I am back working in Canada until its time for me to go back down and move everyone home.
What if she gets pregnant with this other guys kid, what would happen then? I hope she hasn't been considering that angle to stay in the US. I pray she will keep this guy out of our home down here for the girls sake. So many things are running through my mind right now I find it difficult to function. Maybe once I get home away from the situation I will be able to come to terms and start feeling like a person of value again because right now I feel so useless, worthless, and not in control of my life or whats left of it.