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Default Re separation proposal

It is very hard on me given my situation. I feel like I am her babysitter when she goes out to him but I get one on one time with the girls so I enjoy at least that part of it. Her version of why the kids need to be with her is, they have always been with her while I did nothing with them. She doesn't see the part were I worked long hours all week mostly night shift so during the week I had an hour before leaving for work, home at 4:00 am etc. Weekends she worked and I took care of the kids, at that time they were still in diapers etc. So time together as a family was hard with my work schedule and her working weekends, when did we have time to do things. I know this isn't an excuse and more effort should have been made towards family outings but the bills still have to be paid. But somehow this marrige failure is 100% my fault. She has done no wrong what so ever. Personally I think menopause is starting for her. She is 40 and I am not sure when it starts or if it could be the cause of some of the behavior. Either that or its a midlife crisis thing or yes it is completely my fault in which case I have no one to blame but myself but I still feel it takes 2 people to make a marrige and 2 people to break it.
I am moving back to Canada next week to start work so she will loose her babysitting service and I won't be able to return until its time to move everyone back home 6-8 weeks. I can't imagine what will go on while I am in Canada