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Okay well I'm no lawyer but I think that the plan of moving them 2 years after they are settled and established back in Canada wouldn't fly with a court. From my understanding courts do not like to uproot children any more than is necessary. And coupled with the fact that it would for all intents a purposes end your relationship with your kids it just won't fly.

Personally it sounds to me as if she wants her cake and to eat it too, but when you end a marriage and have children the focus is supposed to be on the childrens best interest, and taking them away from their Dad so she can pursue her love life just isn't a good enough reason.

This must be very difficult for you, I can't imagine remaining in the household knowing your spouse is going out on dates with another person. I'm not saying you should make if horribly one wins in that situation especially the kids. But I don't think you should just roll over like she is asking. These are your girls too, and they deserve to have you in their lives every day if possible. Its not their fault their parents marriage didn't work out so they should have to suffer as little as possible with both parents doing every they can.

Good luck to you!