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Originally Posted by HammerDad View Post
Describe/define "neglect"?

The children are 12 and 14, they should be able to provide for themselves for the most part. There should be food in the house which they can access when they are hungry.

Allowing the children to play video games (even if for extended periods of time) is not neglect. Heck, I have been know to sit on my xBox for hours upon end now....

So long as they have clothes to wear, there is food in the fridge and they have a place to sleep, if dad chooses not to spend time with them when he has them. He is allowed to parent (badly) as he sees fit. Being a parent who pays limited attention to the kids is a far cry from neglect. If the kids had no food to eat, no clean clothes and were left in their own filth, that is neglect.

Your ex should be paying offset c/s. Your spouse shouldn't be a go between for you and your ex. That isn't their job. They are there to support you. It is your job to communicate with your ex. I would never ask my wife to speak to my ex about a matter relating to our child.
Oh i forgot to address my partner communication with him. He refuses to communicate with me and called the police to file a "harassment" complaint against me. There was no justification for it but i complied in order to not aggrivate the situation more. Initially he was pleased to communicate with my partner but when he didnt give my ex the audience he wanted in terms of hearing how horrible i was, my ex has made the same allegations against him now. I agree it is inappropriate but i cannot communicate with him or he will call the police. I tried initially to have all communication go thru the lawyers and his lawyer refused communication from mine on transfering information about the chidlren (ie. medical updates, or school updates etc).
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