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This entire situation is ridiculous. While you try to explain everything away it reads as you hooked up with her, she stayed for whatever reasons she had, you kept having children with her when in reality she wanted love and you wanted something else.

Meanwhile she left, moved to another country and began her life with the kids. Shes been there for three years now. You just keep making excuses for why she should give up her life again for a man who has no interest in her feelings. I don’t even think you know what she wants and are simply making up what you think she wants to make you look better.

These kids have been in another country for three years while their mother is getting strung along further by a guy who just wants to control her and the kids.

She shouldnt sponsor you. You are the one who has to make this better and still you are expecting her to do the heavy lifting. She has moved to be closer to family and while they may just provide babysitting as you say, they provide her much more than you did which is support and love.

Nothing that you have said sounds child focused. It all sounds “me me me”. I wanted more. I tried to control her. I want xyz for my kids. I want her to sponsor me. On and on.
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