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In regards to ex's gf - I've been told that she's very jealous of any time or attention ex gives to his kids. Either she is a part of that time or all hell breaks loose. She sent horrible bashing emails to eldest ds after he stopped by their place to go out with his dad. The blowout that time was because he didn't stay and play with her 3yo and now 3yo was upset at him taking her dad away (no bio dad in the picture). Very over the top explosive behaviour. (She's also been referred to as very difficult person, abrasive and in need of a better attitude by more than one justice - she's had a never-ending case posted on canlii multiple times)

That aside....

I don't know if the WHO recognizing the impact this has on children's mental health would have any impact on our family court system today. Family courts here recognize how detrimental this is (though it's a slow and painful process to get anywhere before the damage is done) and there are plenty of family therapists and psychologists that are trained and can work with children in recovering from this abuse. I think lawyers/therapists/judges need to find a way to intervene early and recognize risk factors.
Mandatory parenting classes, early intervention, family therapy - stop the damage (or contain it) before it's too late to go back.
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