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My case was tough because my father didnt want to be a father which means even if we had been forced to spend time with him, he would have wanted to cancel.

Instead I will use my partners case. His ex insisted that he was the problem. She needed some serious therapy herself. If she had been forced to take parenting after divorce that would have helped. Having 50/50 automatic custody would have helped too. Heck if they had recognized her behaviours through the separation then full custody to him would have cured the problem.

What courts need to do is have parents meet with a trained psychologist first. Then implement a 50/50 situation for a trial of the amount of time it takes to get to the next court date. From there they could have mandatory check ins with all parties (kids, mom, dad).

Alienation is the result of a number of recognized behaviours. Has parenting time been denied? Has one party placed unnecessary demands on time with no proof (false claims of abuse)? Are the kids demonstrating an unwillingness to see a parent with no reason?

You can also see it in affidavits. My partners ex claims he refused to see the kids. She put an email in her package where he clearly asks for a set schedule for the year to make it easier on everyone. Someone who doesn’t want to see their kids doesn’t say “lets look at months now and figure out when they expect to be free”. If they were planning a vacation or time to visit out of Town it would have been a no brainer. His ex could plan holiday time away a year in advance. Yet planning time with dad was unreasonable.
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