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Healthy parents who want to encourage a relationship donít pull any stunts.

I was so happy when I saw this. As a former alienated kid myself (who suffers all the things they say happens) and a spouse of someone who has been alienated, this news is wonderful in my mind.

If they do pass this, it will mean more training and information for judges and lawyers. That means more changes in the court and future orders.

And if you think some of those behaviours are innocuous, you arenít thinking of people intent on hurting their ex. There is a meme out there that says ďI love my kids but I hate my ex moreĒ.

In my case, my mom would be passed out in the house when we got home so we were left worrying she would die while we were with dad. She told us he was going to kidnap one of us from school and take us away. Said he didnít care about us etc. It was terrible.

For my man, it started during their separation. Insisting he couldnít be alone with the kids, scheduling activities on agreed time, telling the kids he was dangerous, calling and texting while they were with him, playing the victim. Lo and behold both kids have anxiety and depression!
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