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Default Here we are

Well my partner is in it. Served this weekend right in front of a few buddies while building a project. You can imagine what his stress levels are like and all his PTSD issues have come screaming back.

The highlights:
Ex is requested a recalculating of support back three years and does not include income changes or kid living away for school.
Ex is claiming school expenses that are not calculated properly.
Ex is claiming therapy with no back up or medical info.
Ex wants all our banking info, proof of money spent on vacations and home renovation, joint assets and loans.
Ex wants all info on my partners job search efforts when he was out of work.

Her affidavit makes horrible statements that the kids have been suffering from serious medical issues, that my partner has created them by not agreeing to pay for section 7 stuff and that he has cut off access.

She wants $20,000, the freedom for the kids to take as long as possible to finish school and free reign the register in section 7 stuff that he has to pay for regardless of agreement.

My partner is terrified to go to court. Cannot believe her claims and is livid she dragged the kids through this. Hes waiting on an appt with his lawyer here and has to find representation in that jurisdiction.

He keeps saying "what are my chances they believe her?" At one point he told me to leave him as I dont deserve this. Trying to get through to him how much I love him seems to be the biggest challenge. As his mom said yesterday "he goes in his hole and its hard to get him out".

Any advice is welcome!

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