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Originally Posted by Stillbreathing View Post
Brampton 33 is spot on. I too have years of experience with the court system due to an unreasonable, high conflict ex. If your case is high conflict then case conferences and settlement conferences are a complete waste of time and money. Stillpaying’s theory is correct in cases where BOTH parties are reasonable and want to settle their matter. If even one party is unreasonable then it only prolongs and escalates the conflict in addition to wasting money
My ex is a textbook narcissist out to "win" this process, and her lawyer is a textbook negative advocate. So, high conflict.

At a high level, would you (all) suggest avoiding case and settlement conferences as much as possible? Can/should I push for a trial as early as possible? Or does the process require a long slog before trial becomes an option?

To be clear, I have a good lawyer. Just thinking about my long-term strategy and appreciate input from anyone who's in a similar high-conflict situation.
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