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Originally Posted by StillPaying View Post
You come off as someone with no experience or on the wrong side of reasonableness - everything is grossly misrepresented.
Actually I am HIGHLY experienced in high conflict litigation involving custody, access, supports and division of property. I have spent years in litigation and am well versed (despite not being a lawyer).

Originally Posted by StillPaying View Post
Love it or hate it, the majority of your orders are through conferences. People like to say how no orders are made, but it's simply not true. Consented or not, orders are made.
Again, orders can be made for support or for disclosure at these conferences. But if its for custody or parenting time, it can only be ordered if both parties agree on consent. Otherwise, a judge can only make an order at a motion or trial after hearing evidence. Ask any lawyer.

Originally Posted by StillPaying View Post
And the offers are in the brief....smh
Yes, the offer to settle is in the brief. The judge is supposed to read both offers to see where the disagreement is and how far apart you are. For example, 1 parent is saying sole custody and 80/20 parenting time, and the other is saying joint custody and 50/50 parenting time. The judge will not split the difference during a settlement conference. The judge will likely give their thoughts on what they think the outcome should be (or would be at trial) and then tell the parties to work on a settlement through consent.

Originally Posted by StillPaying View Post
If you book another conference 9 months later, you're not reasonable, not dire and most likely shouldn't be there.
Scheduling is up to the courts availability. Pre-covid you could space out settlement conferences 4 months apart. During covid, the courts are backlogged beyond belief. It is hard to even get motion time unless its urgent. In court, when you try to book the next settlement conference, the best they can do is schedule you 6-9 months out.

I will no longer respond to your misinformation.
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