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Thank you for your reply.

Timeline is this.

1) 2 years ago we sold house, split money
2) We were planning to move to BC from AB, she went ahead and bought a house, I bought an investment property in AB.
3) I finished projects in AB and 6 months later I went to BC
4) I moved into the basement suite in the house she bought planning on sorting things out and moving back in together.
5) We went to couples counselling and shortly after she said that there was NO chance of us moving forward together and then I got my own place.
6) I had spent cash on an investment property for us, so had to work like crazy (self employed) to buy a house I could have the kids live in with me.
7) Spent the last 2 years renovating the house I bought and working crazy hours to pay for it.
8) House is finally great and I would like to spend a lot more time with my kids. If I get support $ from her, I can afford to work less and spend that time with the kids.
9) I am just learning about "status quo" this week. Hmm.

-I am freaked out at the moment that all the work I have done for my kids to be with me was wasted because of a "status quo". The only reason that I had to work so much was because she tricked me into letting her move to BC with kids saying we might get back together in BC.

-Lawyer seemed to think getting SS and CS would be straightforward. If I got this, I could afford to work less that the current 12 hrs per day and I could spend time with my kids that they need. They keep asking to spend more time with me. I am gut wrenched at all this.
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