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Hey all.

I am at the point being separated for 2.5 years where we are about to hammer out details of our separation agreement.

She makes over 2x my income (120k vs 60k) and always has. Lots of background about money etc... She has had the kids over 80% of the time last 2 years but that is mostly because I have been working an incredible amount to get a house and furnish it as I didnt take anything when she left.....

Basically, I would really like to have 50/50 with our two young (4 &6) kids, but haven't been able to because I haven't been able to afford to slow down working insane hours to put a life together. She is rocking it, new house, lots of money, all the time with the kids, great job.

I imagine I should apply for 50/50 and then take the child and spousal support that comes with it. Thats what everyone seems to tell me, I just feel kinda strange taking money from her, that said, I am working so much I can hardly see my kids at the moment.

My lawyer says I should get 50/50 and take the approx 1400/month that she would have to pay me. Estimates of CS825 and SS 645 Midrange.

Advice and input greatly appreciated from those further down this road or in similar situation.

1) Is it reasonable for me to get 50/50?
2) Is it reasonable for me to get SS and CS?
3) Anything else I should be going for? I don't always stick up for myself well.


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