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Default Advice needed. Child feels unsafe at other parents home

Need some help with my current situation. D6 has been witnessing domestic violence at moms house and has got progressively worse since the end of summer. I did confront the other parent about my concerns about this in December just to be told I should be happy.

This month there their was an indecent at the other parents home that had D6 in tears hiding in her room under stairs due to a domestic fight between the other parent and her new partner. The CAS was informed and they confirmed D6 was witnessing domestic violence but not at a level they would intervene.

During March break the other parent was contacted by CAS and when I picked her up for my access time I noticed a bruise and some swelling on her forehead and asked her what happened. She stated her mom hit her with her first while she was angry and yelling at her. She also said she was dropped off at someones house afterwords because mom didn't want to watch her anymore.

I have contacted the CAS worker and set up a appointment for this friday as D6 has been having nightmares about the violence and being hit and I do not see this as acceptable behavior at all.

Today the other parent was supposed to pick D6 up after her after school program but instead D6 decided to take the bus to my home and didn't go to her after school program. I was surprised to see her when I was working in the front yard get off the bus and when I asked why she was here, she stated her mom said she could come here today because she was busy. I had a great feeling this was not true.

Later in the evening I received a email from the other parent asking why I picked her up as it was not my access time. which only confirm what I had thought when our daughter said it was ok.

After dinner I had a talk with D6 and asked her what the real reason is that she took the bus home, she then broke down and said she doesn't want to get hit, hear the fighting, and is scared to go back.

I now have to bring D6 to school in the morning and the other parent will be having there access time after school. I do not have a meeting with CAS until friday but did call the worker to see if she had time tomorrow.

Not sure what I can/should do here but I do know D6 doesn't feel safe in the other parents home at the moment. I hope no ones child has to go though this or has to tell their child that they promise they will do everything they can to keep them safe to have no one listen.
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