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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
Sounds like I may be headed towards the same route as you

as per access - you could bring a motion or just don't do anything. If you've already asked and she's said no to your requests for access, don't keep asking, you've already got solid evidence that she will say no - don't ask again.
Fair enough, I will make one request for the Holidays when the time comes allowing her enough time to plan and think of her denying reply and probably up to two requests for normal access depending on the Therapist recommendations and will leave it like this until trial. There is also March Break before trial but I won't ask to many as I already know the response. I won't bring any more Motions, they are useless in my case.

She told the judge she was very scared of me at the last appeal but she keeps on arguing that I stop at her place to pick up the kids instead of school and she comes here on Saturdays to pick D8 as S16 stays for overnights. This is really not consistent with a person who insinuate to be scared that much. I've could have act dangerously a long time ago if I wanted to.
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