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Trial was postponed to May 2017 list as the January list was all booked.

Since my pension has a value exceeding 50% of my total assets, I was forced to transfer the matrimonial home in her name alone until trial. It was not in the BIOC to have the home listed for sale at this time. The equity will be debated during the equalization process. I find it unfair that my former spouse will receive the assets that can be liquidated now while I can not touch my assets until I retire. Like everyone else, including my STBX, I have accumulated a lot of debts since separation and it is only with the matrimonial home (from the equity) that I can get the funds to repay. The judge sympathize with my position and truly believe that I have good arguments for at least get part of my equity at the trial in May to help me financially. He said he would add it in the order to be considered by the trial judge. Bla bla bla it's still a case by case scenario and it's hard to predict the outcome.

Really, it's nice to have a good pension but when it comes to divorce, it becomes a financial issue that causes more pain in the ass. The way I look at it now is 1- if I get my equity, I would be able to repay my debts and move forward but 2- if they order not to split my pension at source, I will live on Kraft Dinner for the next 10-15 years but will have a nice retirement in +/- 18 years. The hic... what if I don't make it there? hummmmmmmmm. But me and my gf are trying the best we can with the little we have. We know it's hard to predict the future but we try to manage it day by day. But geeees, I never had to pay that much interest on my credit cards every month!

The other issue; Access.

Trial is postponed until May. How can I get more access until then? It will be another Christmas without the kids... grrrrr! I guest this is how I will need to work this out.
- will try to start the reunification therapy ASAP with D14 and D8.
- will encourage S16 to come more often and increase his journey with me to include the Friday nights in the weekend.
- will ask for Holiday share time with her lawyer and see what are the answers (will be negative for sure)
- will ask for more time after weeks of therapy and see what are the answers (will be negative for sure)
- will document everything (even if my demands are being ignored)

She keeps on saying that the kids do not want more time with me but according to the CL, she's behind this and this is why I need therapy with my girls.

I've requested to have access to CAS investigation reports and was granted with such at my last appeal. yeah! I cannot go against D14 and S16 wishes but will keep on fighting for D8 for sure because the same thing might happen.

Financial Disclosure
I went to all the files that I retrieved from my lawyer as I am now self rep and noticed that financial is still pending. The other party shows a Financial certificate in the Table of Contents but when I look in my Continuous Record, the Tab is empty and is not misplaced either as I went through the 4 volumes. I will need to verify with the one at Court and request financial disclosure from the other party. Most of her items she had indicated on her financial statement are not supported. Mine are since the very beginning. I will work to have this disclosure done and will proceed with offers according with the numbers I can rely in front of me until trial.

Your tips are always welcome!
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