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Originally Posted by CoolGuy41 View Post
The above is a more fundamental problem.
Step 1 - Stop trying to reconcile.
Step 2 - Stand your ground.

The reason why she will not give you 50/50 is because she wants to take you for the Guideline amount of CS for 2. Keeping this in mind will help you in step 1.

Some tips for step 2:
- Do not dig yourself into a hole by consenting to a bad interim order. The interim could be, and by default is, the rest of your life.
- Do not write something like "she was the primary caregiver" in your affidavits, as that is another way you can dig yourself into a hole.
Thanks CG, noted.

The interim thus far was agreed to for four weeks. Definitely pursuing long term.

With regards to status quo, wouldn't our older child starting school be a disruption in that? My SBTX is at her mom's daily from 9-2 with 1-2 overnights spent as well. Wouldn't this already be a disruption. This isn't something that arose after separation. This has been routine for 4-1/2 years.

About the primary caregiver, my lawyer wrote this in the Form 08 application:

The Applicant Father recognizes that the Respondent Mother was the primary caregiver during marriage, and knows that the bond between her and the children is very strong. However, he is a very competent, caring, and active parent who very much believes that the children will benefit from having equal parenting time with him and that it is in their best interests to spend equal time with each of their loving parents.

Do you think that is damaging?
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