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Originally Posted by foreverhome View Post
" the way it is right now is fine"
How did it come to this? You have to change status quo soon somehow, otherwise it would be almost impossible later on.Also, if she doesn't want to communicate it's not good for your situation. Try to increase access, if its not possible than you'll have to wait your case conference and preliminary order. Talk to your lawyer.
The original M/W - 4-7 and SAT 9-2 was discussed when we first separted between us. I proposed additional parenting time to which she agreed verbally but wrote her an email to approve to send to my lawyer. She kept changing it, decreasing the times. After multiple times, I resorted to having my lawyer negotiate with hers because I felt it wasn't progressing.

The SAT was then changed from 9-7 for the next four weeks while we negotiated the next four weeks after that. Our proposal was the change the SAT to an overnight.

I had a discussion with my lawyer and advised I don't want to think about the next four weeks only and want to think longer term which is now our plan. Papers were served yesterday to her.

I want to be reasonable and of course ease our kids into transition which is why I'm asking how graduated is graduated. When can it be reasonable expected to fully roll into say a 2-2-3?
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