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Originally Posted by good_mom View Post
Contact the school and find out what programs they have available.

My son was having issues with math and attended on site tutoring once a week at school at no cost. Many have homework programs during lunch hours and after school as well.

What is the teacher saying about child's marks? Most schools have special education teachers that can help out.

What does ex have to substantiate the requirement of a tutor?

2 issues: she did not talk to you about Child education & she did not seek out approval in sect 7, look bad on her that she cannot co-parent.
I spoke with The special education at the teacher who is working with child on reading and writing mentioned child is behind in reading and writing

teacher recommended counselling for child previously but mom did not act on those recommendations.

she is communicating with me on the last day and always does this, never informs me of things in advance. previously when I let her know about a visi to the clinic on the same day, she argued I didn't let her know until 3 days later and she will inform me on things in that same way

The school basically is saying child is behind in reading and writing.

Mom won't say yes to child being under my care afterschool I know that much, i already asked before school started this year.

and I know child needs counselling . I have previously, many times asked for more time with child to do reading, writing, math, etc. always been no, no an dno.

How about something along the lines of:

I did not consent to paid tutoring. I am more than willing to help child after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with reading and writing. The teacher mentioned counselling previously and this should be tried again because one year has passed since counselling was last attempted, counselling would really help child with self-esteem and confidence I would like to be a part of that.

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