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Originally Posted by Resident sceptic View Post
Was reading the Ottawa Citizen this morning and noticed the ‘Hail to the Chiefs” article in the Observer section with photos of seven women. This is indicative of the unbalanced messages we are getting theses days. Yes, certainly, we want to encourage girls to know they can achieve anything in their lives but again, do we have to do so to the exclusion of men and boys? Why, as a society do we have to practice imbalance and polarization? Does this not promote non-inclusion, non-equality? Where are the black women, or this is primarily about white women. I don’t see any sexually non-binary people being held up as paragons of society. I am sick of bias. What is wrong with us as a society that we can not do the right thing and promote ‘persons,’ their good work and good deeds? Mr. Trudeau, Ottawa Citizen, CBC, CTV and others; if you’re reading this; you have the power and the social responsibility to bring us back to the center where all people are respected.

Women have for some time now enjoyed a biologically-biased advantage in the Family Court, or so I believe and the current wave of the notion ‘a woman must be believed’ has insinuated itself in the Family Count too, along with strong representation of feminist groups and I believe has influenced the courts. Indeed I believe the courts fear feminist groups.

I was informed by a Crown Prosecutor in a criminal sexual assault matter, where there was clearly no case to be heard and a false allegation was apparent; he did not dare Dismiss the case for fear of feminist groups, so the case was eventually sent to a female Crown Prosecutor who Dismissed the case. I have no reason to believe the Family Court is any different. A male parent has an even smaller chance of parenting his children in this atmosphere.

I know in our experience an unfit, abusive, lying mother still has an advantage because “she is the mother” she doesn’t have to be a good parent and if she is caught lying that is all part of ‘the game.’ One thing is for sure; we have to fix it; children’s very lives are at stake.

My own grandchildren have had their lives ruined. They have been robbed of their childhood. They are failing in school, isolated, coached under threat of punishment and the courts are not equipped to deal with the mother’s deceit and use of a court order as a weapon.
One thing, of many, I think we could do to stop to the lying and deceit is by harshly punishing the deceiver when caught out; a tsk tsk and sucking the teeth won’t do.

Frankly I don’t know what the parenting disputes are even doing in court in the first place. In cases where there is an unreasonable parent or parents and there is even a whiff of abuse, a psychological team needs to be employed and empowered with the ability to sort out the truth and act in the child’s best interest.
One of the very most damaging laws we have run into is the legal obligation for CAS for example, to report disclosures of abuse to the abusing parent and where the child is punished by the offending parent for disclosure. When there is an allegation of abuse I believe that reporting to the alleged abusing parent must stop; the child enjoy the privacy of a psychologist‘s or psychiatrist’s enquiry. Yes, it would cost money, not that the courts don’t cost money but we are talking about our children and we seem to have money for everything else. The only part of these disputes that should perhaps be handled in court are money issues.
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