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Originally Posted by Frostrated View Post
My previous ex has been in contempt for the same reason, going on 2-1/2 years now. His pleadings were struck and I ended up with an uncontested trial. But yeah, they gave him at least two changes to put forth the info ordered before that happened.

Wow. That is brutal. 60 days given. On stuff he is claiming he already has in place. The system is so unfair.

And here I am footing the bill for everything for the last year... even though our agreement lays out what he is supposed to be paying for and how much...

He doesnít Have benefits through employer. I already know that much. He claims his gf has put our children on hers. So fine. Then when my benefits are used first hers should kick in. Except they wonít kick back the money that I have put out. So it makes me believe there are no benefits?

Also how hard is it to come up with 3 pay stubs... or the life insurance policy he has had since marriage.

To me itís all obvious stalling and sad that he will be given a second chance. Judge was pretty clear he will get income imputed so not sure why he would withhold it.


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