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Thats a tricky one. For the most part, if a child decides to incur the cost of residence when living at home is available then they would be on the hook for more of the expense. But cs may be more expensive than residence. You may want to compare cs totals against the cost of residence and determine which is more financially positive. In my partners case, his cs is actually higher than his share of residence. However, his kid has chosen now to live off campus which means the costs will be increased.

If it was me paying cs and my kid decided to do this I would argue that Im not paying transportation costs but will pay my share of residence but on the basic plan. Any additional costs would be on kid since they made this choice.

Your cs payor may decide to continue to pay cs directly to you and only pay their portion of school expenses (tuition, books, fees). You and kid would be on the hook for residence.
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