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Well I am in the joyful position of paying spousal support. My wife's lawyer told her to live off a line of credit since she quit her job before filing. When we went to court in Ontario the lawyers simply plugged in my company income to divorcemate software. The expenses she submitted were $2000 a month more than the family of 5 lived on. The income plugged in was 2 years after separation and a result of working 60 hoyr weeks away from home. The judge awarded her $6,200 a month. There was one 20 year old daughter living at home and not in scholl but since I was struggling to put her older sister through University the judge decided I should pay $1000 a month (so she wouldn't feel left out). My advice is go for it. The Ontario court system ignores the law and the guidelines. The only downside is that they bankrupt the payor and everyone loses eventually.