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Finally a discussion the facts.

I am not even denying the bio-dad abuse risks, the paper talks about it.
All I AM saying is there IS A SIGNIFICANT increase in risk and a SIGNIFICANT amount of girls seem to be getting sexually abused. The step-father vs bio father seems to be 4 times (mentionned somewhere else in the study) but a sole custody father situation invites major risks too... thats why my first comment was HOW BLEAK.

Because the paper is subjective and "opinion evidence" that cannot be cross examined. For this purpose alone it would be removed from an affidavit as a schedule or removed from a trial record. Just because it is a "report" does not make it a "fact"... Nor does it make it a "fact" that would assist the trier of fact in trying to explain your ***CREEPY**** position ("cognitive distortions").

Opinion evidence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And for all the reasons that PH and DTD have already stated.
I wasn't claiming the paper would stand up alone in trial but IF the writer was present and cross-examined it might (I wouldn't present this in court anyways)

Don't agree with other points, neither of the 2 links seemed applicable (I look at them)

It is "creepy" - I agree - its too stigmatized to discuss and it would reflect badly probably on me.
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