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Originally Posted by Teddie View Post
Ok, I have done all of that with the exception of requesting make-up time. I have asked several times, through email, "what is the name of the doctor you took him to?". She is not responding and last night told me I was not entitled to that information...I know better than that.

My lawyer informed her lawyer of what is going on. Her lawyer agreed that he would instruct her to follow the schedule. Apparently she is not listening and I'm sure he will be yet another fired lawyer of hers very soon.

Thanks everyone!
You do not have to request make-up time. You don't need her permission, she does not grant you time with your child as a favour.

At this point she has arbitrarily decided that she is keeping the child because she has a cold. (Which is ridiculous, my ex and are both capable of taking care of a child with far worse than colds, and unless they are actively throwing up we will usually make an exchange, or offer makeup time right off.)

You will simply keep the child extra days and assert that you having make up days. Calmly, factually, with no criticism or accusations, you simply state that you are having make up days when the child is already with you.

This is a really unfortunate situation and two wrongs don't make a right but your ex is defining the rules here and you are just playing by them. But absolutely you are asking to be abused and denied if you request anything from her.

You have, as I understand it, 50/50 physical and joint legal custody? So you two are equal parents, equal partners, equal decision makers. Period.