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Yesterday I sent a message stating my intentions to exercise myparenting time and remind her that no matter how she tries to excuse what she is doing, it’s a denial of access.

She claims I am responsible for my son having a cold. My son had a very slight cough on Sunday and never had a fever during the 5 days he was in my care. From Monday to Wednesday he was with his mom. Yesterday was supposed to be an exchange day with me getting him back but she denied access stating that he is sick and should be with his mother. This is a joint custody arrangement and I have been just as involved in the kids medical care since I became a father of my oldest 11 years ago.

She emailed saying my youngest was going to a doctor's appt. yesterday. I responded saying that I would like to attend as well….no response until 9 pm. I called my son’s regular doctor and he was closed all day yesterday so I asked my ex for the name of the doctor she took him too. She has flat out refused to tell me even though I am fully entitled to this information.

I have tried to arrange an exchange for today but have been ignored. It looks like I may not see my son today either which will be the second day of denied access. I don’t even know where my son is as her parents have been instructed not to answer the phone and her and her boyfriend will not take my calls to the home. I suspect she is working today and has left my son with her mother. I offered in writing to take time off work to stay home with my son but my messages go unanswered.

I went through two months of this back in the fall before spending a tonne of money to finally get a 50/50 access arrangement in place. The police don’t want to help enforce this as my lawyer has not yet had the agreement signed off by a judge and we have yet to put an enforcement clause in place yet. Our parenting agreement is signed by myself and my ex. It makes it hard to get anything done when you’re dealing with a very unreasonable and irrational person who never has a lawyer because she keeps firing them.

My lawyer has instructed me against going to the home and asking for my son. I respect his opinion but a more hardline approach seems to be necessary.