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First of all what you should consider that police will not come. And the fact you do not have order kind of point to that. Even if you do have an order with special paragraph about "police to enforce" your chances I would say 50/50.

Second your witnesses - I would not bother (just keep in mine people very uncomfortable to be in a middle of such situations) just come with camera. Record whole thing. Be calm but speak out. then sent email confirming what was happened. Look on this forum there is a lot of "how to" and "what to" and what is most important "what not to"

My understanding the only thing what you can do that document. Show pattern. File contempt (but again there is no order and I do not know what you current agreement is worse.)

God luck. And remember always think about kids first. One wrong (really stupid) move and you can loose you kids and what is even worse YOUR KIDS COULD LOOSE YOU!

Good luck
PS: And yes. I would take voice recorder with me too. In case ex will go balistic and ask you to turn off and only than... you turn it of and still will have you ass covered )