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Default Denial of Access, What Can I Do

My wife and I have a joint custody, 50/50 access arrangement in place that was negotiated through our lawyers but has yet to be signed by a judge. My ex and I have signed it and we have been following the arrangement since December 1st, 2010.

My ex has previously denied me access to the children and tonight she called me saying that I could not have my youngest tomorrow, even though I am scheduled to. She blames me for the fact that he has a cold and stated that he can only come to me once he feels better. This is total nonsense as he had the same cold when she dropped him off to me last week. Either way, no excuse for a denial of access.

She lives in the marital home and will be off work tomorrow. I plan on taking a witness with me and having the police come with me as well with a printed copy of the agreement.

Is there anything else I should consider?