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You'd be amazed and sickened

Every call you make is still access, so she is not denying access entirely, and that is a good thing. Stop talking to and asking the ex on the phone...start sending emails or letters...that way she has to either reply or ignore...that will better your case in court.

A non-reply is the same as a no as far as the courts are concerned.

She can get away with it because the courts are backed up...and because there is a bias...but you need to fight, and fight, and fight (through legal channels!!) to ensure your kids are not losing THEIR right to a father and stepfamily.

Stop asking and start have a legal ORDER that allows you to take those are empowering her and feeding her control every time you "ask" for her permission to be a parent.

Is your jurisdiction not hearing emergency motions? (A same-day motion when a matter is urgent)