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Default Deny access because ex doesn't like my wife..

Hi I need some help or advice.

Since last March (2009) my ex has been denying my access to my 2 daughters. (10 and 12). We have joint.The court order was every weekend. And I've had them every weekend. And two weeks in the summer. I've never been late on child support ever. And have always paid it.

My ex came banging on our door one night harassing us. My wife called the police the next day. (this has been the third we have had to call the police) Since this has happened she has been denying me access to my daughters. The ex says we have too many rules here (not enough if you ask me). It all boils down to her being jealous and she has wanted us to get back together forever.

I have a lawyer she keeps saying a case conference is coming up. It never happens. I haven't seen my kids since march and I miss them.