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I've debated for a couple of days whether or not I would relay my 'examination for discovery' experience to you. I don't want to upset you at all. Next week, once yours is finished, I'll give an overview of the ludacracy and bullying tactics involved with mine.
My ex wasn't even 'interrogated'(as I call examination for discovery)!!!!! Then again, when we attended mediation that didn't work out also-we had separate mediation, he saw 1 mediator while I saw the other, then we were supposed to switch. I was told by my soon-to-be-other mediator to wait in the lobby and she'd be right back. Two hours later she still hadn't shown up and after asking around for her, it turns out she went home. Mediation was never completed.
I told you about the mediation fiasco to give you an idea of how bizarre, utterly disrespectful,aggravating, stressful,etc. my court experience was, and continues to be, so do not, I repeat DO NOT, think this is the norm.....I'm sure yours with be carried out with a some diplomacy.Alot depends on what your ex's lawyer is like.