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That is just what I am dreading about it! I am having visions about being hammered with questions by his attorney about all sorts of things. The main problem with my situation is that my ex has not moved on at all and he remains a very, very angry person. He is trying to control all aspects of my life(personal life, spending, etc.) still even though it has been a year. Did you get upset during the questioning? I have a terrible fear I am going to cry and lose control. I have worked so hard to distance myself from my ex the last year that I fear if I lose it, all of my hard work to "appear" strong to the ex will be for nothing. I am guessing he will be present in the room which besides court will be a first since 12 months ago.

Is there any standard response to a question that is none of their business? Or is everything their business?

How many questions can they ask, is there a limit?

My attorney is actually meeting with me on Sunday AM at his office(he is away til then) in order to go over the next day, but I am so nervous because I don't have a clear idea what will be questioned.

Did you have to bring documents to this?

Thanks for all of the replies!