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An examination for discovery is part of the court process which occurs in every litigation that reaches a certain stage. It is an opportunity for the other side, often your spouse's lawyer, to examine you under oath in the presence of your lawyer but not a judge. Everything you say is being taken down and recorded by a reporter. This allows the other side the opportunity to get information, test how good a witness you would be at trial, and generally get a more solid feel for the case. Your lawyer of course would have the opportunity to examine for discovery your spouse. This is one of the main ways of getting information about your spouse, spouse's finances and any other information that is important to your case. This can cover issues of custody and access.

An Offer to Settle is always a good idea to have drawn up and sent to the other party, but they are under no obligation to submit a counter offer, or even reply to your.

I do try to offer supportive help, but in all honesty I found the questioning at the discoveries sessions stressful. They asked me all kinds of questions about my parenting skill to my financial situation to my spending habits. His lawyer would jump back and forth from one subject to the next and try and get me to "mess up". My best advice would be to try and stay as calm as possible and really listen to the questions and take your time in answering them.

Good Luck