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I forgot to ask this:

In a list of items, documents I am required to provide, I am asked to bring all personal bank statements SINCE the date of separation. I feel this is none of his business. He sees our business bank account statements on consent which is essentially paying my piddly 250.00 per week drawing For my expenses. How is it his business what I spend it on? In my offer to settle, I have waived spousal support, and just claimed for child support, so how I spend my money really is not his business in my opinion. Unless this is standard, I feel it is another of his control freak actions that I had to deal with throughout our marriage.

I am also required to make a list of all household possessions I may have purchased since separation, even though we agreed(verbally via lawyers) that what little is in this house would remain mine except for his personal furniture acquired before marriage.

Is this standard?

Are questions regarding my personal life open season as well? Such as if a boyfriend sleeps over etc.??