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Default Examination for discoveries

I have been separated for almost 12 months and am going through an extremely bitter divorce. I have spent a small fortune that I don't have to get nowhere as we do not have even a Separation agreement. I have finally had enough of the ridiculous letters with "he said, she said" statements which are in response to his angry letters to me.

Approximately one month ago, after a session of mediation of some financial matters, I formed an Offer to Settle based on my ex's verbal wishes. It basically was to allow me to buy out my ex in the matrimonial home and buy the business and equipment from him. This was in essence his own request put in writing by myself.

His lawyer scheduled examinations for discovery on Monday and Tuesday(30, 31st of jan) of next week. I was told this was a formality in case the offer to settle did not proceed for some reason. Now, at the last minute, I still have not received a counter offer, and the discoveries is very definitely going to happen! I am petrified to see my ex(restraining order due to him assaulting me after separation) as we have not spoke in person due to a no-contact peace bond since March 05.

Has anyone else gone through this? What kinds of questions? What should I prepare for? I am so stressed out about this!!