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Tayken: I disagree, now that I had to apply for subsidized Daycare because the ex wont pay. So the way I see it is, you the taxpayer will pay instead of the parent, that doesn't make sense to me.

I do agree that no parent should be living off child support and should be supporting themselves, but imo it makes a difference to the children. I for one would love to feed my kids a better diet, and have them participate in after school programs. And yes the $800.00 a month owed to them each month, would do that.

Or better yet, mandate the 50/50 custody/access, so each parents supports the children equally, both financially and emotionally. I for one would gladly give up any CS I may get through the courts then FRO, and let the other parent financially support the children 50% of the time. I've done the Math, I would be better off financially, if it was split.

Rockscan: I hope that by having a Dad that didnt pay support hasnt soured or hurt your relationship with him. But I feel for your Mom.

v3ktors: Sorry for hijacking your thread

Disclaimer: This is someone of a vent. I am just finding myself frustrated these days with what "I" persieve as unjust. I do appreciate all your insights. I also know that this forum is full of great parents that just want the best for their children, including myself.
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