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Instead of freaking out, why not speak with childrens aid about next steps. You could also look through their website and see what is the process.

They are making your son their ward. Why? Because neither you or your ex can manage him. Being a ward of CAS can be good and bad. They will put him into a program, as a ward under their care they can force him to go. Until he turns 18 he will be subject to their care and decisions. This includes mandatory programs for illegal behaviour and drug/alcohol abuse.

My bigger question is about you. You have shown in your posts that you are unable to manage his behaviours and needs. You were a main player in his downfall and handed him over to his father when you couldnít handle him anymore. Now you are fighting to keep a child who you have stated you have difficulty caring for. What is the problem with CAS stepping in to manage his needs? You arenít doing it.

Call CAS and discuss what the options and next steps are. If the worker isnít helpful ask for their supervisor/manager. And get some help for yourself. Many of us have been telling you that for a couple of years now and it seems like you are still chasing your tail. You cant help your children if you arenít helping yourself.
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