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I have had CAS involvement for over a year now, soon to be over when I get a court order. It's best to cooperate with them imo. Their last solution is removing the child, and I hear its a costly nightmare to get them back.

Your ex must have agreed to this, as they would have approached him to take the child, then proceed to next of kin (a relative).

I read your panic, but maybe its for the best; your ex couldnt help, you couldnt help, its hard to deal with mental illness and a drug addiction on your own. Could this be your last straw with getting help for your son? Dont beat yourself up for trying to get help for your child, even if its a CAS placement. They may have more resources than you are thinking right now. You need something more long term than 16 days in rehap.

As much as I found CAS to be a pain in my behind, and intrusive, I must admit they have been very helpful with resources I didnt know existed and helpful with current court proceedings. Did they not explain a plan to you? Or give you a worst case scenario that they would remove the child?

What city are you in? I can recommend some hospitals and a lawyer that maybe able to help.
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