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Default Child from spouse to Childrens Aid

Hi all,

I don't know exactly that I am posting in the right forum category, so please forgive me if I am wrong.

To keep this short, back in November 2016 my teens decided they did not want to live with me and my simple rules. They were going off to live with their dad who had very few rules. Dad has lots of money and allows for lots of freedom and little parenting. Well, in the 13 months our teens lived with them they got into a lot of trouble, mainly with DRUGS. Bad and scary drugs. Teens were dropped off at my home when he couldn't cope with them anymore.

In the couple weeks I had them returned to me, I discovered the scariness of the drugs my teens were one; ONE teen in particular. I have had to call abundance out of fear of OD'ing on coke and Xanax. I then fought with the hospital to keep him while I tried to find a facility for him to go to. Found and he agreed to go. Stayed only 16 days. Returned to me, only a few days passed and on different drugs (anything to get high), i.e .liquid codeine, robuttusin pills etc. He has broken in my house when I am not home, stole me car at 14, had parties unknown to me, and the list goes on.

Sorry, I am making this longer than planned. When my 14 year old refused to go back into a drug rehab because the ridiculous laws of Ontario give a 12 year old the right to decline help, I handed my teen over to the childrens aide. It happened so quickly with there ever changing plans for my teen having my head spinning with stress. So many promises to get help. I was never even explained the process really, not until I received court papers after the fact.

Don't get me wrong, my teen needs help, both for drugs and mental health wise and my teen has not been cooperating or helping self. Now I have additional problems. I am arguing with CAS about so many things, how things happened, the process and lack of info shared.

I am expected so submit all these papers to court. OMG, I am overwhelmed. 30 days to do all this paperwork when I don't even know what I am doing and haven't the money to hire a lawyer. I am not entitled to legal aide. Does anyone else have experience with these people/CAS? A nightmare!!! Am I expected to bring a lawyer into court with me at our 1st hearing? They currently have temp custody of teen. Does anyone know if a paralegal can do my paperwork for cheaper? I am stressed.

Thank you.
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