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Default FRO - 1st hearing. What to expect? (ex does not pay child support)

So, my ex does not see our kids at all. he also doesn't pay child support. When we were divorced he never provided anything until I reported him to FRO and support was enforced. That took 2 years. He had a job for 5 years and refused to provide his tax return and did not comply with anything on separation agreement/order. When he lost his job he did not tell me and the only reason I was able to get it reinstated was because he needed something from me and I refused to comply unless he told me where he was working and he gave me copies of his tax return. I didn't receive copies but I did confirm that I had been underpaid all those years. He was making close to 6 figures and was only paying me support based on 30K. That's another story. So, now he is in arrears again because he left the job and will not respond to my requests or FRO's letters. They have scheduled a hearing for March.

What happens at these hearings? My caseworker is not helpful at all. Can I submit information (ie. the background details covered above) to help the judge make a decision? Should I show up at the hearing? I am afraid of him and I don't want to be in his presence but I will do it if it will help. Will they demand a payment right there? I have no clues or guesses. I don't have a lawyer. This is in Ontario. The hearing will be in Oshawa. Also, can I find out details of the hearing? How?

sorry for all the questions
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