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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
He needs to go to a parenting after divorce class and counseling. Its difficult when one parent involves the kids. He needs to get over himself.

They both should attended a parenting after divorce class seeing as she says they both fought in front of the children and are both to blame. They both need to get over themselves and stop fighting in front of the children. It takes two people to fight.

Why do you have to go to court for school pick up and drop offs? Is he wanting exchanges to be at one parents house? Honestly sole custody only gives you rights to make decisions on school, medical, religion, stuff like that and really there arenít that many decisions to make... school will be in the zone the children reside, if something is medically necessary it will be done and I assume you both have your set religions or no religion so really custody isnít worth fighting over... access is maybe what he is seeking rather than custody?

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