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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Are you worried the child would be hurt?
Physically NO, but mentally yes. We have fought in front of the children and are both to blame.

I am the parent asking for sole custody, but it isnt a priority to me anymore, to be honest. I did it because my lawyer and CAS advised me to do it and I didnt give it much weight because we have been separated for almost 1 1/2 years now, so by default we both have equal custody, so I dont see how now a court order would make a difference in our parenting moving forward.

What we need is solutions to not involve the children. I would rather fight in court for school/daycare pick up and drop offs then a piece of paper saying who has legal custody.

If the other parent feels his parental rights are being taking away, then this is something I can compromise on to move forward. That said I am walking a fine line because my CAS file is still open pending a court order.
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