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I would definitely say the government response consists of some bias.
Interesting stuff here of arguments for both sides.

Those respondents who equate high conflict with violence said the following:

High conflict relationships should result in limited or no access rights for the conflicting parent; and
A child-centred approach precludes joint custody in high conflict relationships: contact with both parents is often not beneficial, since violent and controlling parents are not, by definition, fit parents. Joint custody may therefore be damaging to children in situations of high conflict.

Those respondents who said that high conflict is a natural by-product of divorce or that interparental conflict does not equate inability to parent well also said the following:

Parental conflict should not preclude co-parenting;
It is wrong to assume that parents who cannot get along should automatically not be allowed joint custody;
Shared parenting can help reduce parental conflict by removing excessive power from one of the parents;
The law presumes equal-time shared parenting; and
There should be no legislated rules for determining the parameters of parenting in joint custody arrangements.
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