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I'd create a bigger buffer zone around her family. Blood is always thicker than water. My ex stayed close to my parents for the first year, then when court proceeding started their relationship started to sour as they didnt want to be put in the middle. And it made my parents feel they were put in a place where they were suppose to try and "fix" things so to speak for us. My Mom is somewhat of a worrywart, and I could see it was stressing her out.

Grandparents should be there solely to love on the children, not to get involved in separation/divorce drama imo. Your relationship with them should be cordial for the kids sake, but not your therapists or to make them feel they have to take sides. Nice if you can get along with them for family events, but stick to talking about the weather or how great the children are.

I do think this forum is a much better place to vent your frustrations than the Grandparents since all the members are or going through similar situations.
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