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Thanks for the feedback Arabian

Yes Iím insecure in many ways, years of belittlement will do that but Iím also self-aware.

I donít feel Iím canvassing her friends and family, and specifically trying to avoid falling into that trap, thus this post. I try to avoid discussing her but I do spend time with her family so they can see the kids. Sheís mostly shut them out.
They are concerned about her and us and the kids so they ask and Iím trying to say as little as possible in response and looking for suggestions on how to achieve that without losing my mind.
I donít want to also shut out her family whoís been very good to me and I also donít want to lie to them.
And taking advantage of this forum to vent a bit in parallel. My family is in another city and I donít have many friends here who arenít mutual friends so not many chances to vent
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