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Originally Posted by billiechic View Post
Thought I would update. Child now has cell phone and ex has not attempted to communicate with me. He was angry at HER yoday because she forgot to take the phone off vibrate and missed 3 calls from him.
He has however instructed his sister (his 3rd party contact) differently than what our current mediated agreement states, and is refusing to accept an email either through her from me, or through someone I designate. He is insisting all communication only through text (which can be a disturbing back and forth)

He has also gone ahead and chosen a counsellor for her without even communicating with me. I have medical custody, so he cannot make that decision unilaterally. He has already cancelled a counsellor appointment that I made with a counsellor, which he had no right to do.

I am putting together the paperwork for a motion to change to sole custody. We cannot communicate, he is blocking the means we do have in place. There is constant conflict, which his sister is now feeding into.

My daughter has expressed very clearly her reasons to choose to go to counsellor A and her dad insists she go to counsellor B. I agree with my daughter's assessment and that she is more comfortable with A and that will allow her the ability to speak freely, rather than B, who insists parents be involved (and the exact thing I wanted to allow her confidentiality for). The whole pint of counselling is to provide her a neutral party when she can speak freely and get help without either parents knowledge of the details or ability to influence. Only counsellor A seems to be able to provide that.

His court hearing is scheduled for January.

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So so sorry you're going through this....believe me, I can sympathize. I went through something far less serious with my daughter...but because she was older, I had an easier time than what you're dealing with.

You're doing all the right things....don't give up. When you know what's happening, you really only have one choice. Do whatever you have to do to ensure the safety of the children...period. You have my very best wishes.
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