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Sounds like youíre doing the right things. Good luck in January with your motion. I have a motion scheduled as well and have been at it now for over six years. The best you can do is follow court orders, have a safety plan and go back to court if he does not follow orders. If the child is in extreme danger I would suggest making a plan A, plan B, plan C, etc. Thatís what I did and had to enact plans B, C ,Dand E when plan A turned out to be useless!

Donít think for one minute it makes any difference if the CAS, police, medical doctors are on your side. Even in the face of concrete third party evidence of the dangerousness of a parent, the judge will minimize it and endanger children. I had CAS writing letters to the court and my exís lawyer in a tizzy saying over and over ďthis changes everythingĒ...but it didnít. Sure he got supervised access and six years later still does but the judge made orders that endangered all of us.
Plan B was go into hiding and refuse to give my ex, my lawyer or the court the address where we lived. A self help restraining order because my pleas for one were ignored. The judge didnít care and subsequently ignored my ex and his lawyerís pleas to compel me to reveal where the children and I were living . His not knowing our whereabouts in no way impeded his supervised access.

Family court is a crap shoot. You will have to do what you have to do to protect yourself and your kids . Sometimes following the court orders works and sometimes your kids pay a horrific price when you do so. Itís one big chess game sometimes with people Ďs lives at stake.

Think of it as a game. A high stakes game. Pretend your a Hollywood actress when you go to court. One who is cool, calm as a cucumber and unflappable. Court doesnít always rule in the favour of evidence or common sense. If not , itís ok. Go home, carefully mull over your options and plan your next move.
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