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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
I am curious, how did your ex get close enough to you to assault you? One would think that after experiencing 9? years of violence that you would have taken precautions to ensure your safety.

Might be a good thing that your ex has finally been charged and no longer flying under the radar. Important your daughter knows how to dial 911 (not your phone number) and let the professionals provide intervention if necessary. If not then all you can do is focus on how you can provide a drama-free life for you and your child.

Your ex very well may turn out to be a model father when you are not around... let's hope he can manage that.
The cops charged him with an assault that occurred years ago when we were married.
They were called because he was threatening to be outside my house and follow me. They seemed to think it was a valid enough reason. Is there someone else I need to convince?

And then apparently when they ask for the history of the relationship they have the ability to charge for anything that has enough evidence. They told me they would be charging him regardless if I wanted to or not.

I was taking precautions. That's why I called after an hour of threatening text messages (15) and 6 phone calls with voice mails.
Anyone else have any questions or can we move onto helpful advice?

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