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Originally Posted by tunnelight View Post
I hate parents that do that. My ex is the same.

Careful. My ex intentionally had our child go to the principal to say I was going to harm the child. CAS was called and child did not share share comments with social worker. Telling your child to share these things with professionals isn't going to help - unless they are truth. They could very well be just things the child thinks you want to hear (or things you have coached the child to say).

Whoa whoa.Calm the horses and take some time to cool your jets. You're not a psychologist who did an assessment on the family now are you ?

That can be just brushed off as you wanting to control child on their time with other parent. I could tell you that if my child was given a cellphone at age 11 - the rules at my house would be no cellphone. It will get turned off and put away - just as it would in a school classroom. When they turn 14 - maybe. Child can easily be coached by you to call you and text you during their ENTIRE time with the other parent. It's the other parents private time, a cellphone can not be used as a tool to monitor their time with the other parent.

Now - what was your ex charged for ? Is it a criminal offense ? Have they pleaded guilty ? Is it something that they will fight in criminal court ? Is it something you could use against them in family court ? This is your strongest evidence to use against your ex - depending on details and circumstances.
He has been charged with domestic assault against me. There is to be no contact with me and therefore child is being given cell phone to have communication and not violate his conditions.
Child is not being coached at all. She is coming to me sobbing, and this has been ongoing for well over 2 years. CAS is well aware of it, they are also aware that by sharing what she told them in confidence that they created and contributed with the problem of her not wanting to talk since she was punished for telling CAS thibgs at her dad's house.

Fyi I am no newbie to all of this. I have been on this forum for 9 years and have already thought of all the counter arguments to my choices. I realize I will be accused of all those things you mentioned above. And I also intend to once again ask for OCL so that hopefully they will find the truth. I am NOT looking to bury my ex but to free my child and myself to live without this conflict. That has been my intention all along and 8 years of constant conflict has proven that he is not capable of doing anything to cooperate.
I did not press charges. Through his own continued conflict the police were involved once again and they decided there was enough evidence to charge him. Mandatory by law.

Did you forget this is posted in the domestic violence section?

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